PORTLAND - As Congress talks about new gun control legislation, businesses that sell guns and ammunition are seeing a spike in sales.

So are many firearm-related businesses.

Threat Dynamics CEO, Ryan Tuttle said talk of gun-control is bringing in more people to his Tualatin business everyday.

It's definitely been busy, he said. I've certainly noticed a large influx of (people saying) 'We've never owned a gun before and we're thinking just now's the time,' said Tuttle.

He added a live-fire range to his facility on Monday.

There was already a Simulator Threat Arena, which Tuttle said presents real-life dangerous scenarios and teaches people how to properly handle and shoot guns.

Laura Smith from Sherwood and her husband, Ken came into Threat Dynamics to get a membership and take classes.

We've owned guns for about 10 years, so we're just trying to be the best with them as possible and at some point, get the whole family involved, said Smith.

Jim McDaniel, of Tigard, said he recently decided it was time to learn to fire a pistol.

I think everybody is scared right now. I believe in this country and from what I can tell by talking to these people (at Threat Dynamics) they can't even keep ammunition in the stores, said McDaniel.

It is a busy time for the gun industry.

We've seen this trend before. The politics involved and the sort of fear factor involved for not being able to have a firearm or for whatever reason, X,Y, Z, said Tuttle.

Threat Dynamics also sells guns. Tuttle said a few times, they've sold out of guns in the store because the distributors also ran out.

KGWReporterErica Heartquist contributed to this report

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