VANCOUVER,Wash -- Young Crestline Elementary School student Alyssa Bible said she's feeling turned upside down ever since a fire broke out at her school, and she's not the only one.

Just after 3:15 Sunday morning flames ripped through Crestline Elementary. A few hours later, the school was gone.

I really, really love that school, said Alyssa. Ilike that Ilearn a lot there.

In addition to feeling sad, Alyssa is anxious. She needed her mom's help just tellinga KGW reporter where she will be going to school on Thursday. Alyssa is dealing with a lot, but so is her mom, who as a child also attended Crestline.

I feel sad because Ihave childhood memories there, said Danielle Boyle. Sad because my brother has childhood memories there, and now my daughter.

That's sort of a landmark in their life and it's suddenly gone, said Kaiser Permanente social worker Gene O'Neill.

O'Neill explained that the range of emotions both kids and parents are feeling is normal.

If they cling, let them cling. I they're scared, tell them that you're worried too, said O'Neill. If you stick together as a family, you can always get through things like this.

It is advice that Boyle was certainly taking to heart.

If Alyssa knows how I'm feeling and how the rest of her family feels, it helps her to know it's okay to feel what she's feeling, said Boyle.

This is more important than ever as little Alyssa embarks on a new chapter in her life.

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