LYONS,Ore -- The Oregon man accused of abusing his grandmother's Chihuahua by putting him into a hot oven has pleaded guilty in the case.

The dog, named Kudo, is expected to recover from the burns and the beating.

Kevin Parrish, 20, was watching his grandma's dog, Kudo, when the Chihuahua nipped at him and made him angry, investigators said.

The 20-year-old [grand]son physically abused the dog with closed fists to the head and actually strangled the dog, deputy Tom Barber said.

Detectives said Parrish then stuffed the dog in an oven, set to a blistering 350 degrees.

Background: Man accused of putting dog in oven

Parrish's brother arrived home and intervened. Parrish's dad then rushed Kudo to a veterinarian. The 10-lb. Chihuahua suffered cuts and bruises to his head. His body hair was singed and three legs burned badly enough that he had difficulty standing.

Parrish entered a plea of guilty to one count of aggravated animal abuse and one count of animal abuse, a misdemeanor.

The judge sentenced him to 60 months of probation and 30 days in jail. He will be released on February 16th, due to credit for time served.

The judge also placed restrictions on Parrish owning or having contact with animals during his probationary period.

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