NEWYORK, NY -- Retailers could soon pass the cost of using a credit card on to consumers.

Stores could offer the same options as gas stations that deal with the charges by offering separate cash and credit pricing.

The surcharge is part of a class action settlement that gave merchants the option to add four percent to consumers' bills.

That means if you're using a credit card to spend $10, they might impose an extra quarter, 50 cents, or even more - as long as it's proportional to what that merchant pays in interchange fees or checkout fees, explained Joe Ridout with Consumer Action.

The change can only hit people paying with a Visa or Master Card.

Ten states already have laws that ban merchant surcharges and most major chains have said that they do not plan to take advantage of the new option. Retailers that do plan to add the fees will be required to post signs in their stores notifying consumers.

For more insight you can check the consumer-action website called CheckoutFees.

(KGW reporter Joe Smith contributed to this report.)

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