LYONS,Ore -- It is difficult to make out Kevin Parrish's size by looking at his booking photo. According to authorities, Parrish is 5-foot-11 and nearly 200 lbs. That alone makes what happened to a little Chihuahua even more shocking.

I've been in law enforcement for 15 years, said Deputy TomBarber.

And never has he seen something quite like this. It happened inside a home at the top of a steep driveway in rural Lyons. Barber says Parrish was watching his grandma's dog, Kudo, when the Chihuahua nipped at him.

The 20-year-old son physically abused the dog with closed fists to the head and actually strangled the dog, Barber said.

Detectives say Parrish then stuffed the dog in an oven, set to a blistering 350 degrees.

It's sad to hear, said Deputy Derrick Ramseyer. It's kind of disturbing to know someone would do that.

Parrish's brother arrived home and interrupted. Parrish's dad then rushed Kudo to a veterinarian. The 10-lb. Chihuahua suffered cuts and bruises to his head. His body hair was singed and three legs burned badly enough that he had difficulty standing. Kudo is expected to recover from the burns and the beating.

Authorities say such a tragic story can actually teach a valuable lesson.

Sometimes dogs or animals may frustrate you, but it's like anything else, said Ramseyer. You let the frustration roll off your shoulder and go about your business and don't take it out on any animal.

Parrish is charged with one count of aggravated abuse. He is due in court on Tuesday afternoon.

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