Portland Pilots head basketball coach Eric Reveno is in the newly renovated locker room playing with his early Christmas gift.

What we wanted was something interactive for all the players to look at, Reveno said of the teams new state-of-the-art video screen. This thing has it all. From video of the teams latest practice or game, to complete scouting reports including video of the Pilots next opponent.

We re playing North Florida tonight, as the demonstration continues. They can come in and look at this great shooter they have, and see the scouting report.

The Pilots used $2.5 million in gifts and donations to upgrade their facilities. The locker room, weight room, training room and coach s offices were all gutted and rebuilt. Construction began in the spring.

As we close in on the final day of fall, the improvements have already made a difference.

We had a recruit in last weekend, said Reveno and his father had played college basketball, and had been in a lot of locker rooms, so to have this neat looking space is a big help.

Portland recruits many kids being looked at by the likes of BYU and Gonzaga, St. Mary s and Pepperdine to name a handful of their West Coast Conference opponents.

Finally, Reveno has some equal footing when selling his program. Definitely helps with getting their attention , he said. Especially with this room having a lot of wow factor, he continued while looking out on his locker room.

But having nice, shiny toys to show off is only part of the reason these amenities are being put in place.

Our mission of helping athletes improve as much as they can, and to win championships, these are the tools that can help us do it.

And Coach Rev gets to play with a new toy. A big difference from when he played ball.

We had stacks of those VHS tapes, he said through a smile. Now he s all smiles, as his facility can now be the showcase of his sales pitch, rather than something to be hidden from the eyes of an impressionable 17-year-old.

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