PORTLAND -- Joel Sprenger has been searching non-stop since his treasured dog named Tuesday was stolen Friday afternoon.

Security cameras outside a Kenton neighborhood bar and restaurant, which requested to stay anonymous, caught the crime on camera.

You're watching video of someone stealing your loved one and it's brutal, said a very upset Sprenger.

The video shows the beautiful Siberian Husky tied to a picnic table in an outdoor eating area in back of the restaurant. A man pushing a shopping cart unclips her leash, feeds her something that looks like leftover Chinese food, then walks her around to the entrance. After making sure the coast is clear, he takes off with Tuesday.

A second video camera shows them both quickly walking down the street. Sprenger says he only left his dog alone for a few minutes while he went inside to order a sandwich.

Someone stole my my dog and someone that's probably mentally unstable and how is this person going to take care of her?, said Sprenger.

Tuesday has a pet watch microchip, so if she's scanned, it will show she's stolen. She also had tags on her collar with Sprenger's name and phone number on them.

If someone saw this character walking with her, she would stick out because she is so beautiful, said Sprenger.

If you have seen Tuesday or know where she might be, you are asked to contact Portland Police.

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