GRESHAM, Ore. A little boy who doctors didn t expect to live more than a few years is beating the odds at the age of five. Now the only thing keeping him down is the fact his family can t afford a specialized medical device not covered by insurance.

If you want to help Mason, contact Boys and Girls Aid

Mason has Cerebral Palsy and other health conditions that have made his life challenging. One of the biggest challenges is being about to move around.

He's so happy when he's up and moving, and he moves all over on his back, but that's no fun, said Mason s foster mom Becci Hull.

Becci knows Mason would grow stronger and be able to walk on his own with a specialized medical device that is not covered by insurance. Mason currently has access to a Mulholland gait trainer at his school, but does not have one of his own to use full time.

He has a gait trainer at school and he walks in the hallway and playground, and does activities and he starts to push his feet where he wants to go, said Becci.

The problem is, the medical device is expensive, at a cost of close to $4,000. Becci can t afford to buy one.

Mason s case worker with the non-profit Boys and Girls Aid of Portland has been trying to find the boy a gait trainer, but so has not found a way to pay for one. Kimberly Hayes hopes someone will step up and help Mason.

The gate trainer that lets him get around is really great for him, and brings a big smile to his face. And he just loves being a kid just like any of them; no one wants to be stuck and not be able to move around, said Hayes.

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