PORTLAND -- The City of Portland has reinstated officer Ronald Frashour and placed him on paid leave, following an order from the state Employment Relations Board.

The Portland Police Bureau fired Frashour in 2010, saying he violated city policy when he shot and killed 25-year-old Aaron Campbell during a standoff.

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Frashour fought to get his job back and the state board eventually ordered the Portland Police Bureau to re-hire Frashour.

Mayor Sam Adams disagreed with the decision and said he was appealing it. The City Council in earlyOctober also voted to support that appeal.

A statement released by the mayor's office on October 19 said the city was required legally to reinstate Frashour now, even if there are plans to appeal but Our fight for control of our own police bureau continues, the statement said.

The state board also ordered back pay for Frashour. Mayor Adams said the city is in the process of calculating what that exact amount will be and will make the payment at a later date.

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