NEWPORT -- A 94-year-old pilot survived the crash landing of his Cessna 150 Monday morning at an airfield in Toledo, east of Newport.

The pilot, Jack Haggerty, is a bit of a legend along the Central Coast and known around here as fearless .

On his 90th birthday, Haggerty flew under the Yaquina Bay Bridge, which prompted the FAA to yank his license for year.

Haggerty says that was all in fun, but he's proud of his flying record. He says he started flying when he was 21 years old. Monday's crash was his first in 70-plus years of flying.

This time, Haggerty says he may be done with flying.

I think so. Unless I can get a chance to fly...but I'm not going to go hunting for it, said Haggerty. I have to be honest, because it (the crash) did startle me a little bit.

Haggerty had problems with brake and aileron pedals and came in high and fast, according to the Lincoln County sheriff's office.

Haggerty was able to land the plane, then lost control, veering to the right across the strip, striking a hangar door post, going nose-first into a ditch before coming to a rest.

Haggerty was pulled from the plane by Toledo Fire & Rescue and taken to the hospital in Newport. He was held overnight for observation and was released with only minor injuries.

Haggerty is set to turn 95 years old later this month.

KGW reporter Keely Chalmers contributed to this report.

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