PORTLAND - The National Grange and The Grange casino project in Oregon reached an agreement Wednesday, on a dispute over the name.

National Grange announced plans last week to challenge the proposed casino to protect their trademark name. Both sides met Tuesday to discuss the issue. National Grange members said they were caught by surprise when advertisements started running.

The project was proposed to take over the former MultnomahCounty greyhound track property inWood Village.

The fraternal organization was established in 1867 and has Grange halls throughout the country.

In the new agreement, the Grange casino project said they will temporarily use the name through the election. A disclaimer will now appear on Ballot Measure 82 and 83.

We recognize that in naming our destination that we should have consulted in advance with National Grange representatives, requesting permission to use the name - we did not. For this, we apologize to Grange members in Oregon and across America, Jeff Parr, director of PDX Entertainment, the company proposing the development, said. Going forward, we are committed to ensuring that the public understands that Grange is a registered trademark of The National Grange and is not endorsed or affiliated in any way with our campaign.

National Grange President Ed Luttrell said Wednesday said he was pleased the company took time to fully understand the 145-year-old Grange's trademark management program.

KGWReporterKatherine Cook contributed to this report

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