PORTLAND If you are one of those people who often complain about Portland drivers, a new study may prove you right.

A report released by Allstate Insurance Co. ranked America s 200 largest cities in terms of driver safety. Portland came in 151st.

Researchers involved in the study said that the average Portland driver can expect to be in a crash every 8 years.

Eugene was high on the list, ranked as the 12th safest city in the country. Salem was ranked 79th.

Sioux Falls, SD was listed as the city with the safest drivers in America.

The report was based on Allstate s review of two years of claims filed with the company for collisions resulting in property damage. Allstate represents about 10 percent of U.S. auto policies.

Allstate said its report was designed to spur discussion about safe driving and is not used to determine insurance rates.

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