PORTLAND Strangers helped a Portland mom tackle and capture a man she said tried to drag her 6-year-old daughter into the bushes Sunday night.

Antoinette Robinson told KGW she saw the man grab her daughter and her instincts kicked in. She sprinted outside and started punching him.

The girl had been playing outside, at a friend s house, when the young man grabbed her just before 6:30 p.m. in the 16900 block of SE Lafayette Street, according to police.

I thought I heard something and then I looked and the man had my daughter in a bush with his hand over her mouth and around her waist, Robinson told KGW. I jumped up and ran out of the house and I just socked him in his face. Then I went to go hit him again and he let her go and we both rolled down the hill.

The suspect ran off after releasing the girl. After that, Robinson said she jumped into a car with neighbors and chased him down.

I got out with a 2x4 and I broke it over him, she said. But then he got up and ran off again. She said police told her he may have been high on mushrooms.

A group of men who live nearby sprang into action and tackled the suspect. They held him until police arrived, according to Lt. Robert King with the Portland Police Bureau.

It took about a half-block to catch him, one of the neighbors said.

He tried to kidnap a 6-year-old child, there's no excuse for it. There's no way to rehabilitate sick people with minds like that, added Mark Bush.

A homeowner with a surveillance camera in their yard got video of the takedown. It also shows Robinson kicking the suspect in the head once she caught up with him.

I'm not gonna lie, I just went over there and I just stomped him in his face and mouth, Robinson said.

Home video:Neighbors tackle abduction suspect

Police arrested 17-year-old Joel Miranda, Jr. on kidnap and aggravated harassment charges. He faces Measure 11 crimes and will be charged as an adult.

Robinson said the men who captured Miranda were total strangers to her. She was glad they helped get this dangerous man off the streets.

The quick thinking of the girl's mom and concerned neighbors made all the difference is getting this dangerous suspect off the street, King said.

Robinson said her daughter, Xavieria was shaken up by the attempted abduction and had never seen the man before.

On Monday, Little Xavieria said she was scared but her mom was there to protect her.

My mom will always be there for me, she said.

(KGWreporter Erica Heartquist &Mike Benner contributed to this report.)

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