PORTLAND -- Some new Portland moms are getting their bodies back into shape through a unique exercise class called Strollga.

Women's bodies go through a lot of changes while they're pregnant, until up to three years after they have their baby, said instructor Tiffanie Stevenson. This is just a way to get your body back moving the way it's supposed to.

Women in the class said it has given them new motivation to get back to their pre-baby shape.

Now from there, we're going to reach and grab our strollers, Stevenson explained, guiding them through one of the exercises.

The moms were striking poses with their babies shining faces looking up at them from inside their strollers.

Stevenson also teaches participants to find a balance in life that s calming and relaxing. Strollga is based on the principals of the ancient form of exercise known as yoga. But the workout is modified for new moms, with babies in tow.

I've had a lot of pain in my back so it's really helped with my back quite a bit, said participant Kathi Sanders.

Breathing exercises and stretching are other key parts of the class.

I feel like it's really good for my body for stretching because I've been getting back into running. And we just like it for the variety, said participant Katie Ifrah.

About 95 percent have hip issues, especially if they've had children, so your hips will be a problem. That's why we do these poses, Stevenson said.

Maintaining balance and breathing exercises can help women regain strength and tone after childbirth, Stevenson said. Plus, it can improve circulation, too.

Twisting while you're also strengthening works the digestive system, gets your circulation flowing, and it also massages your organs as well, she said.

This Northwest Portland Strollga group meets a couple times a week at Wallace Park. And they said when the kids get too big for the strollers, they can join in, too.

The lessons they ve learned, the message it sends to their babies and the friends they ve made have turned them all into strong believers in Strollga.

I always feel better after class, I'm always glad I came, said Sanders.

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