PORTLAND -- Reverend Allan Beck is speaking out loud and clear about what he calls unclear and confusing disabled parking signs.

Let s get it fixed up for our seniors so we ve got the proper signage to protect them, said Beck.

In June he got a $450 citation for parking in a striped area next to a disabled parking spot, one that clearly wasn t clear.

That would be too faded to enforce, said Clyde Harmon, a disabled parking enforcement officer.

What s even more unclear is whether the blue disabled parking sign next to the striped spot he parked in was turned the correct way.

Turned one way and it s the spot opposite where Beck parked that is now a disabled parking spot.

I went into the Expo and the sign was turned around (so the blue side of the sign was not visible). I come back out and there s a $450 ticket on my window and that sign has turned blue, said Beck. It was this way when I went in and it was the other way when I came back out.

Still, Beck is confident a judge will dismiss his ticket once he shows them his evidence.

What's also very confusing is the disabled law itself. For a disabled parking spot to be legal it has to be built according to county code, which says it has to have a blue sign stating the law and the international disabled logo clearly displayed on the parking spot itself.

But when it comes to writing you a ticket, Harmon said only one or the other has to be visible. It s a sign or the spot marked, one or the other. But it s not necessary to have both to get a ticket, he said.

Beck says what confuses him even more is that he has a valid disabled sign hanging from his rear view mirror, and at the time he got the ticket he says he also had an exhibitioner's sign hanging there.

Then there s confusion over just how much Beck should be charged. Had he parked in the front of the Expo Center, the sign says the fine for parking with a valid disabled permit is $300.

But disabled signs in the rear of the center say the fine is $470.00. Officer Harmon says the fine is actually only $160, since the legislature changed the law last session.

Bottom line: When in doubt, don t park in any spot that has any markings resembling disabled parking. If you have a disabled parking permit make sure you park in the right spot, not on those striped lines, which universally mean no parking.

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