PORTLAND - It's Monday night in Northeast Portland and the excitement is growing at Lumber Yard Indoor Bike Park, a BMX track.

It's a very male dominated sport, said Will Heiberg, co owner of the park.

It's true, but these women who have gathered to ride may be part of a shift in those numbers.

Gotta be kinda fearless, I guess, said Marcas Grubbs another male BMX rider.

How else would you describe a 47-year-old mom?

Haven t been on a bike in years, so you might get a good wipe out, said Jill Cleary. She came to the indoor track after hearing about it from relatives.

Jill and the other women here are part of ladies night, a low testosterone evening. It's a chance to ride slow and easy and learn the joys of BMX.

Don't feel like you need to, you know, figure it out right now, yells riding coach Hillary Hutchins.

She provides a constant stream of tips.

Two fingers are fine, but one finger is preferred on the brakes, she hollers.

There s also encouragement. You're looking great out there. I'm actually like, you guys look really confident, so, you're doing great, the coach said.

BMX became an Olympic sport in Beijing four years ago. The women who will compete in London are far above this skill level.

But this night is not about skill, its about spreading awareness. This sport is fun for women.

Hillary hopes to bring more women into the sport.

Every woman who walks through the door, I always try and ask them, do you want to ride? Because a lot of them are just here with their kids or something like that and I m like, you need to get on a bike too. It's a lot of fun, she said.

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