SEASIDE, Ore. -- Crews at the Seaside Aquarium worked to keep a shark alive after people found it struggling on the beach Wednesday morning but it died the next day.

The five-and-a half foot Soupfin shark was found at the cove in Seaside.

It had been without oxygen, said Keith Chandler with the Seaside Aquarium, who had said that saving the shark would be an uphill fight.

The aquarium crew ran a fresh seawater hose in its mouth to keep water moving over its gills.

Officials confirmed Thursday morning that efforts to save the shark were unsuccessful and it had died.

The Soupfin shark is valued for its fins and liver, which are rich in vitamin A and often used by the Chinese in making soup. The shark, which can grow up to nearly 7 feet in length, is found worldwide in subtropical seas at depths of up to 1,800 feet.

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