PORTLAND A nationwide sting targeted prostitution rings in 57 cities, including Portland.

Investigators said girls as young as 11 are getting pulled into sex trafficking at an alarming rate.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation helped track down and bust local pimps accused of forcing girls and young women into prostitution.

The three-day sting, dubbed Operation Cross Country tracked activity on the Internet, truck stops, motels and casinos. The agency got teenaged prostitutes off the streets, including three teen victims in Beaverton who were taken into protective custody.

The FBI shared video with the media showing arrests, part of their ongoing effort to take on the growing problem of child sex trafficking.

That's the primary goal, is to get these children out of a situation. It's a terrible, terrible situation for them, and it's not something they're going to be able to get out of on their own, said FBI spokesman Glen Norling. It can be your granddaughter, it can be your daughter, it can be your neighbor and they don't care.

FBI agents said they have made 100 arrests in the nationwide sting so far.

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