PORTLAND -- A KGW/Oregonian poll shows that participating Portlanders overwhelmingly support more time and resources being spent on maintaining streets, and attracting new businesses, much less so for bike amenties and light rail and streetcars.

The poll, conducted from May 2 to May 6 by Elway Research involved 400 respondents. It has an error margin of five percent.

Seventy-nine of respondents said city government should be spending more on maintaining streets, four percent said less, and 16 percent the same.

Seventy percent said more should be spent on attracting new businesses, with six percent saying less, 20 percent, the same.

Sixty-one percent said more should be spent on police oversight and training, 10 percent less and 27 percent the same.

Fifty-six percent said to spend more on affordable housing, 14 percent less and 20 percent the same.

Twenty-four percent said to spend more on light rail and streetcars, 44 percent said less and 30 percent the same.

Seventeen percent said to spend more on bicycle amenties, 57 percent less and 25 percent the same.

The balance of the percentages were for those who had no opinion.

Of the respondents, 48 percent were male. Sixty-six percent were Democrats and 17 percent Republican. Half the respondents live on the eastside, but west of 82nd avenue, and 22 percent lived on the west side. The balance lived east of 82nd.

Twenty percent of respondents were age 18 to 34; twenty percent were age 35-49; thirty-seven percent were age 50 to 64 and the balance 65 or older.

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