Can you imagine commuting 100 miles each way for work? More Seattleites are doing it.

A new report out of New York University shows Seattle is the third fastest growing city for super-commuters.

Super-commuters are people who commute 100 miles or more each way - by train, plane, car or bus - to work. It's not necessarily every day; it could be once or twice a week.

The reports shows a 60 percent increase of super-commuters in Seattle from 2002-2009. The top five areas they're coming from are Portland, Spokane, Bellingham, Kennewick and Yakima.

According to the report, the average super-commuter tends to be under 29 years old and are more likely to be middle class than the average worker.

I spend about six hours on the bus a day, said Conrad, who commutes to school about 50 miles every day.

Conrad doesn't reach super commuter status, but can relate time-wise. According to the report, super-commuters want to hold onto a job in tough economic times and they don't want to or can't uproot their families. The housing market has also been rough and some can't sell their houses.

My business is in Seattle, but my home is in Olympia, said Charles Sin. Housing market is terrible and I can't sell it, so I have no other choice but to commute every day.

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