PORTLAND, Ore. -- Newly released court documents raise questions about a former Doernbecher nurse charged with child pornography.

Investigators fear some of the photos might have been taken at the children's hospital, but they're not sure.

Certainly, given his job, it's a huge concern that they were taken here but at this point, we just can't tell, said Greg Moawad with OHSU Security.

Federal agents say 43-year old Bryan Corbitt had hundreds of sexually explicit images on his home computer.

The former Doernbecher pediatric nurse resigned on February 10th.

Investigators are especially concerned about two photos of nude boys in a medical setting. Both images focused on the boys' genitalia, each with catheters inserted into them.

After viewing the photos, a nurse manager said she recognized the catheters and the diapers in the images as being the same ones that are used at Doernbecher.

But that equipment is commonly used in hospitals.

Our staff looked at those to see if there is anything identifiable specifically to Doernbecher or to a patient of ours and we're not aware of anything, said Moawad.

Last week, Doernbecher sent letters to nearly 10,000 families informing them about the situation.

They sat us down and said, hey we got some disturbing news, said Brian Wheaton, the father of one patient.

On Wednesday, the hospital updated information on its website, explaining that the children in the photos can't be identified. Federal investigators simply don't know if these are patients from the children's hospital.

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