EUGENE -- The numbers suggest that success on the football field, like the University of Oregon's Rose Bowl victory, leads to success in recruiting a higher quality student body and more money for schools, too.

The Pac-12 will earn roughly $22 million from the Rose Bowl, with about $2 million of it going to the Ducks for expenses. Donations from alums and other also typically go up after a win of this caliber.

Ducks have much to celebrate. Fans lined the small runway as the team landed in Eugene Tuesday, following UO's first Rose Bowl win in 95 years.

Defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti said it was hard to leave the field after such a great game.

I kinda wanted to stand out there for quite a while and look at the scoreboard and look at the confetti because you don t know when it s gonna pass that way again, he told KGW.

Carson York, the lineman injured in Monday's game, also spoke briefly. He said he was going to get an MRI on his leg, for a likely torn tendon.

Underneath the locker room I could hear all the fans. It was almost more fun to play 3 quarters and then have your teammates rise to the occasion and get it done, he said.

Returning fans also arrived at PDX Tuesday - and they were easy to spot.

This was a good time, said Terry Rommel. To be able to go down there and experience the Rose Bowl, the ambiance, and then come away with a win, you just can't beat it, added his wife, Barbara.

Even losing a Rose Bowl, make that two in a row for Wisconsin, can lift the academic side of the school. Applications at the Madison-based school went up 12 percent after last year's loss to TCU.

Enrollment from students based in the Los Angeles area, home of the Rose Bowl, has increased 169 percent in the last five years at the University of Oregon.

This academic year, Oregon saw record enrollment, along with an incoming freshman class with the highest academic standards to date. And that's after two heartbreaking BCS games.

The universe of football is a front porch of any university, said Lynn Lashbrook, a sports academics specialist. This is huge in Oregon. It's huge for the sports industry in Portland. It's put us on the map globally.

In other words, Ducks won the day in the cool factor category.

Look no further than Esquire magazine's style blog, which featured Oregon's helmets in a bit titled Something Cool We Saw Online: Chrome Skulls.

In addition, Ann Curry, a UOgraduate, gave the team a shout out from her anchor spot on NBC's 'Today' show. How cool is that?

Dedicated fans and new fans were also hitting stores Tuesday, buying up the latest Ducks merchandise just as the shipments of items arrived touting the Rose Bowl victory.

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I've been a Duck fan for as long as I can remember, Carl Kreitzberg said, after watching the big game in person. It's pretty great to say we are Rose Bowl champions now.

(KGW reporter Reggie Aqui, Pat Dooris &Abbey Gibb contributed to this report.)

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