PORTLAND- Questions are being raised over why police have not issued any citations against NFL star Ndamukong Suh after several people have come forward accusing him of reckless driving in a downtown crash last Saturday.

KGW broke the story about an amended police report Monday. Passengers told KGW in an exclusive interview that Suh did not tell police the whole story after the crash in Old Town. Now another witness has come forward, saying Suh flat-out lied about how the accident happened.

Background: Passengers contradict Suh s crash story

David, who didn t want to reveal his last name, said he was in his own car, waiting for a red light to turn green on 3rd and Burnside, next to Suh moments before the crash.

As soon as the signal turned green, he [Suh] floored it and by mid-intersection, his back end had swung around, David told KGW. There s no other way to describe it [but reckless]. He put the metal to the floor and spun the tires as fast as he could and lost control of the car.

The 1970 Chevrolet Coupe that Suh was driving hit a light pole, a fountain, and finally a tree. When police arrived at the scene, Suh told them he had been trying to pass a taxicab when he lost control, according to the initial police report. It also said that Suh told police three people were in the car and no one was hurt.

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Then, on Monday, two of the passengers in the car came forward and investigators amended the police report. The new police report said that those two passengers told investigators there were four people in the car and one of those passengers was seriously injured.

Police said no witnesses came forward to say Suh was driving recklessly at the time of the crash. But according to the original police report, officers only interviewed one witness.

David said he felt compelled to come forward after hearing more about the crash in the news.

It wasn t until I heard a passenger was injured that I decided, well, I was one of 100 witnesses but I should probably say something, because it doesn t sound like the information was very clear about what happened, David explained.

KGW reporter Abbey Gibb asked David if he thinks Suh lied to police.

Yeah. That's not accurate, there was no traffic ahead of us at the time, David said, referring to Suh s mention of a taxicab in the initial police report.

And two other witnesses at that corner also told Gibb the same thing on Tuesday.

It seemed definitely like a PR move for him to say ice and taxi [caused the crash]. After the first reports came out, we were like, 'That doesn't sit right,' said witness Davin Michael Stedman.

There's no way you could do that much damage without going a minimum 30-40 miles per hour, added Jake Amster.

Suh was not cited in the crash over the weekend.

On Monday, police told KGW the crash did not meet the threshold for investigation, even with the new information from the passengers and the amended police report.

On Tuesday, KGW asked police again if the new witnesses would change their stance and they said they still were not re-opening the case at this time.

Suh, who went to Grant High School in Portland and later played for Nebraska, is currently serving a two-game NFL-imposed suspension for stomping on Green Bay Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith during a Thanksgiving Day game. He is not allowed to take part in team activities while on suspension.

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