In this digital era, computer users need passwords for everything. But how much effort have you put into choosing your password?

SplashData, a password software management firm, looked at millions of stolen passwords posted online by hackers and came out with its list of worst passwords.

The worst password it found? The word password. Up next, was 123456 followed closely by 12345678.

Number six on the list was monkey and number eight, the ever original let me in.

Hackers can easily break into many accounts just by repeatedly trying common passwords, said SplashData CEO Morgan Slain. Even though people are encouraged to select secure, strong passwords, many people continue to choose weak, easy-to-guess ones, placing themselves at risk from fraud and identity theft.

Sloan's advice for keeping your online information secure? What you don't want is a password that is easily guessable. If you have a password that is short or common or a word in the dictionary, it's like leaving your door open for identity thieves.

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