A timeline of the Occupy Portland rally and encampment:

October 6:Portland 'Occupy' protest largest in U.S on Thursday

Oct. 7: Protesters work with Portland Marathon organizers

Oct. 12: Portland Mayor tells 'Occupy' to stop blocking Main St.

Oct. 14: Protesters march on downtown Portland banks

Oct. 15: 'Occupy' joins peace march on Afghanistan anniversary

Photos: Occupy Portland

Oct. 17: Occupy Portland damage estimated at $19,000

Oct. 19: 9-year-old girl missing from camp is located

Oct. 22: Occupy Portland marches to Vancouver

Oct. 28: 'Occupy' costs Portland $186,000 in overtime

Oct. 30: 27 arrested as protest moves to Pearl

Photos: Occupy Portland arrests at Jamison Square

Oct. 31: Michael Moore speaks to Occupy Portland

November 1: Campers removed from Schrunk, 10 arrested

Nov. 2: Portland officer pushed into bus during march

Nov. 3: Occupy Portland rally targets Chase CEO

Nov. 4: Chief tells officers to keep riot gear on hand

Photos: Inside the Occupy Portland camp

Nov. 6: 'Chain-in' group occupies Schrunk Plaza

Nov. 7: Offshoot group vandalizes two banks

Nov. 8: Man inside camp accused of Molotov cocktail fire

Nov 10: Mayor gives 'Occupy' campers eviction notice

Nov. 11: Police report 4th overdose, mayor says camps not safe

Nov. 12: Deadline hits at midnight; standoff developes (Sky-8 video)

Nov. 13: Officer hurt by projectile, protesters shove suspect to cops

Nov. 13: Police clear out parks and install fences around them

Nov. 13: Protesters refuse to leave Chapman, face-off with police (photos)

Nov. 14: Police Chief Mike Reese calls for a 2:15 press conference

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