PORTLAND Occupy Portland activists began another downtown march at 11 a.m. Thursday - this time protesting a visit by the head of Chase Bank.

'Occupy Portland' video feed

Portland police, some in riot gear and the mounted patrol, were on standby as Jaime Dimon, chairman and CEO of JP-Chase Morgan was scheduled to deliver a speech at the Hilton hotel downtown.

Around 100 people attended the protest.

Wednesday in Seattle, his appearance led to six arrests and a number of activists were hit with pepper spray.

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Wednesday evening Occupy Portland activists marched from Terry Schrunk Plaza and across the Hawthorne Bridge.

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The City of Portland has allowed protesters to remain camped in Lownsdale Square Park and Chapman Square since the initial march in support of Occupy Wall Street earlier this month.

KGWReporter Kyle Iboshi contributed to this report

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