PORTLAND Some members of the Occupy Portland movement claim that the group s finance committee may be working against the other demonstrators.

Occupy leaders said that late Tuesday night, members of the finance committee took control of the protest s domain name and also formed a non-profit corporation.

They reportedly transferred all of the money that had been donated by the community into the new, non-profit corporation. Leaders said they couldn t be sure how much money was taken, but it may be as much as $20,000.

KGW spoke to a man in the information tent who seemed to downplay the allegations.

The domain switched over to somebody else. We haven't had contact with them quite yet. It's only been since last night that this happened, so we're not freaking out about it yet, Gavin Carrot Sticks, with Occupy Portland, told KGW.

Leaders made a new Web site at a backup URL called

Then, just after 5 p.m., leaders said the original Web site had been restored.

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