CORVALLIS -- A man long suspected of setting fire to a mosque in Corvallis has been arrested for the crime, law enforcement sources have told KGW.

Cody Crawford, 24,was arrested by the FBI last night after a grand jury found reason to charge him with one count of use of fire to commit a felony and one count of damage to a religious property, according to U.S. Attorney for Oregon Dwight Holton. Agents said Crawford's DNA matched samples taken from a flashlight found at the crime scene.

During Crawford's arraignment in federal court Thursday in Eugene, he showed virtually no emotion as the judge read the charges. The judge chose to hold him without bail and said this was because his alcohol and mental health problems posed a threat to the public.

If convicted, Crawford will spend 10 to 30 years in prison. A trial date has been set for October.

Attacks on religions are fundamentally un-American, Holton said. We will not stand for it.

Crawford had previously been arrested on harassment and disorderly conduct accusations related to the mosque arson.

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The mosque was torched two days after a failed plot by Mohamed Osman Mohamud to set off a bomb in Pioneer Square during a tree lighting ceremony the day after Thanksgiving, 2010. He awaits trial.

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According to a search warrant affidavit from last March prepared by FBI agent William M. Soule, Crawford was at the Yamhill County Jail intake center and told a police officer you look like Obama. You are Muslim like him. Jihad goes both ways. Christians can jihad too.

The affidavit said Crawford said the officer was Muslim and told him he was going to burn in hell like other Muslims. He said the officer could never be a Christian warrior and also stated that any time anyone (expletive) with a Christian warrior it would result in retribution.

He had earlier told police that his wife was Muslim and had kidnapped their child. He also was taken in December of 2010 to Good Samaritan hospital in Corvallis, after which he was subjected to a civil commitment for a mental evaluation.

At the time, he told police that they were secret Muslims. He said if you believe in jihad, you're working for the wrong God. He later said Muslims are cool. Jihadists are not.

A Fanta soda bottle and a Maglite flashlight found at the mosque were analyzed at FBI headquarters in Quantico, Va.

The affidavit said the analysis identified Crawford as a potential major contributor of the DNA found on the Maglite. The bottle contained gas and oil.

Crawford had early on told police that someone had stolen the Maglite off his front porch just before the arson.

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The affidavit said a forensic analysis of a computer in Crawford's house showed him making Facebook posts about the terror plot at Pioneer Square and a reference to the suspect in the case attending the Corvallis mosque. The computer was also used to heavily browse for news stories about the plot and the arson attempt.

Crawford has a five-year-old son who he lived with in Monmouth. The child's mother was from Panama.

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