PORTLAND, Ore. -- For the military families who lost loved ones in the Afghan war, the news of Osama bin Laden's death struck a chord. Most of us can't begin to understand.

I remember where I was when the Trade Towers went down, I remember where I was when Jeff died, and I remember this so it kinda came full circle now, dates seared into the memory of Jaime Lucas.

June 28th, 2005. The moment he lost his 33-year-old brother and Navy SEAL Jeff Lucas. Jeff was trying to rescue fellow soldiers in the Afghan mountains when the Taliban shot down his helicopter.

Amber Howard, 29, knows that pain too well.

They were just working on a bridge and a suicide bomber just ran up, Howard said.

Her date--August 27th, 2007. Her 24-year-old husband Bryce became the first soldier from Washington State to be killed in Afghanistan

Realizing not only is he gone from my life but I've got two boys that hes not going to see, she said while holding back tears,

The news of bin Laden's death gave her some unexpected relief to a place so scarred by one man's actions.

It kinda felt like they got the guy who got my husband. Directly no, but indirectly he was responsible for it, she said.

Jaime Lucas said he worried this day would never come. It was something that they wanted to do. It was the mission they were trying to do.

A mission started by his brother and fellow Navy SEALs, and finished by that same elite group of men his brother was so proud to be a part of.

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