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GOVERNMENT CAMP, Ore. -- The lingering winter is having its consequences on everything from road projects to the more typical springtime recreational activities on Mt Hood.

Drivers headed along Highway 26 or Highway 35 on Mt. Hood were getting an unusually bumpy ride Thursday, because the highways were filled with potholes.

Sounds like you're going over a set of railroad tracks at times, said Will Ewing, assistant supervisor at the Government Camp ODOT Yard.

Ewing said the ruts and potholes were all due to the almost non-stop spring snowfall.

Typically you can t fill them very well when they're full of water, explained Ewing.

And that means not only will drivers have to deal with a rough ride for now, but come summer they'll have to deal with the inconvenience that comes along with busy road crews, too.

They'll probably run into a lot more delays because we re going to be squeezing all that construction into tighter time frames, said Ewing.

In fact, the snow has put many springtime activities up on the mountain on hold. Instead of doing his typical spring-cleaning and trash pick-up around Timberline Lodge, Harold Cooley was still manning the plow Thursday.

Been plowing since October and we'll plow til it s done, said Cooley.

And while the snow has been a blessing to those who come to the mountain in search of it, those in search of typical springtime activities like camping or hiking were out of luck.

There are no hiking trails. There's roads for skiing but anything that used to be a trail is under 6 feet of snow, said cross country skier Jon Orcutt.

ODOT officials said with the campgrounds at Trillium Lake set to open by Memorial Day weekend, its crews will be working hard next month clearing the deep snow off the access roads.

We re just waiting on Mother Nature to make up her mind, said Ewing.

And for now it seems her mind is stuck in the snow.

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