PORTLAND -- The Portland Trailblazers teamed up with Mercy Corps to raise money for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami before Tuesday night's game against the Dallas Mavericks.

We all have to pitch in and help, said Blazers fan Karen Early.

But not every charity is legit. A spokesman for the Attorney General John Kroger said there are scammers who are out to make a quick buck.

It's a shame, said Tony Green. The best we can do is educate people.

Green said everybody needs to be on the lookout for people who want your credit card or bank number. He said they may also seek your money and identity.

Last year, when there was an earthquake in Haiti, we saw quite a bit of scamming going on after that, said Green.

Green added that everyone should beware of clicking on dramatic video they get over social networking websites.

The way they set it up is when you click on the video, it says you like it and it gives them access to your account information, said Green.

That sort of activity can have a negative impact on fundraisers like the one Mercy Corps organized with the Blazers.

This is Mercy Corps, said spokesperson Amy Kohnstamm. We're very good stewards of our donations.

Blazer fans took notice of that on Tuesday night. They opened up their wallets and helped a country that has lost so much.

It's just horrendous, the tragedy over there, said Jim Blair.

The Blazers and Mercy Corps raised $15,000. Team owner Paul Allen pitched in $25,000.

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