The wake of Friday's tsunamiCurry County planned to ask the federal government for help after declaring a state of emergency at three of its ports.

Friday's tsunami caused millions of dollars in damage at Port Orford, Gold Beach and Brookings. The U.S. Geological Survey also updated the size of the Japan earthquake to a magnitude 9.0 Monday after experts studied the seismology results.

The cost of repair could reach as much as $13 million.

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The first tsunami wave hit the Oregon and Washington coasts at about 7:30 a.m.Friday, with surge levels primarily limited to one-and-a-half to two feet.

Brookings, Oregon and Crescent City, California, recorded the biggest waves with peak surges of six-plus feet.

Two couples were swept into the sea by surges at about the same time near the mouth of the Pistol River in Gold Beach. Neither couple was aware of the warning. Both couples were found safe.

In Depoe Bay, docks were also damaged as waters surged through the narrow inlet into the famously tiny bay.

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