VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Attorneys for a Vancouver, Wash., woman who splashed acid on her face in a bizarre hoax were working on a possible plea deal on theft charges, after the defense teamTuesday gave prosecutors her mental evaluation.

Last August, 28-year-old Bethany Storro claimed that an unknown black woman threw acid in her face. She later admitted her injuries were self-inflicted.

Her attorney argued Tuesday they needed more time to evaluate her for insanity and diminished capacity, or the inability to form intent to commit the crime.

Storro has pleaded not guilty to three theft counts, for $28,000 collected from fundraisers set up on her behalf.

Prosecutors and Storro's defense attorney Tuesday were working on a possible plea agreement. A trial date was set for May 16th.

KGWReporter Anne Yeager contributed to this report

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