Hundreds of Northwesterners and perhaps thousands nationwide are disputing huge late fees for movies they may or may not have rented from Hollywood Video before the store went broke.

They were saying I returned a movie late a few years ago evidently and now because of the late fees I owe them $99, said Carie Bishop-Sanders.

Sanders and hundreds of other former Hollywood Video customers have formally complained to the Better Business Bureau and the Oregon Attorney General about late movie rental fees they say they never incurred.

People fell the fees are unjustified or unwarranted or they say they didn t know about it until they received a debt collection notice, said Kyle Kavas with the Better Business Bureau.

The complaints have one thing in common. The collection agency Hollywood Video has hired is not providing any proof of the original movie rental that supposedly caused the late fee years ago. The National Credit Solutions, based out of Oklahoma, has not returned calls or provided any proof of the debts to KGW.

Carie Bishop-Sanders says she first learned of the late fee when she got a call from her bank about a blemish on her credit. She said she s not going to pay the $99.00 late fee unless National Credit Solutions can provide her with written proof she owes the money.

Attorney s General in several other states say consumers should not pay the late video rental fees unless written proof of the debt is sent to them by a collection agency.

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