PORTLAND People living in North Portland s Kenton neighborhood will get used to a strange sight in coming weeks: 70-year-old homes will be rolling down the road.

The 30s and 40s-era homes will come from the Concordia University campus, where they used to house married students.

What we're developing is a combination of soccer and baseball fields, said Concordia V.P. Gary Withers.

To make room for the new sports complex, about 20 homes are being moved or salvaged. Developers figured out how to save nine of them.

Within 90 days, the homes will be repurposed and go up for sale. A few of the homes were moved several months ago.

We offered the homes for a dollar a piece and one of our deans took us up on the offer and moved a couple of them just down the street, Withers said.

Concordia students are already renting the homes from the dean.

Next fall we will have our soccer teams out here playing--our men s and women s, which are both nationally ranked, Withers said. And equally important, members of the community--particularly Northeast United and Alameda Soccer clubs--will be out here with young people.

A national magazine recently ranked Concordia university number one in the country for community service.

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