KABUL, Afghanistan -- A U.S.-based militant media monitor says new video footage has been released showing a man who appears to be Spc. Bowe Bergdahl, the only known American serviceman being held in captivity in Afghanistan.

Bergdahl of Hailey, Idaho, has been held by the Taliban since June 30, 2009, when he disappeared in Paktika province in eastern Afghanistan. His godmother, Kimberly Harrison-Dellacorva lives in Portland. She told KGW in the past that Bergdahl is a man motivated by his pasion to protect not only his country, but his fellow soldiers.

According to Col. Tim Marsano with the Idaho National Guard, Bergdahl's family has seen the photos released by a video production group called Manba al-Jihad, which has ties to the Taliban. There is no indication when the photos were taken, but the family confirms the man in the pictures is Bowe Bergdahl.

CNN reports in a nearly 45-minute video that was also released, Bergdahl is wearing an open-necked, tan shirt and has a large abrasion on his left cheek. He appears clean-shaven, although in earlier videos released to the media, Bergdahl had a beard.

A speaker in the video says the Paktia mujahadeen captured the soldier and that he is in the custody of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and has all Islamic rights.

The IntelCenter, which tracks militant messages on the Internet, said in a statement released on Wednesday that another man in the video is believed to be a Taliban commander who had threatened to kill Bergdahl.

The new pictures are the first that have been seen of him since April, but it's not clear when they were taken.

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