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PORTLAND -- With the Civil War just days away, Nike has started offering it's Oregon State 'Pro Combat' line of football apparel for sale at Oregon State bookstores, including the Beaver Store in Portland.

Photos: Nike's Oregon State 'Pro Combat' apparel

The items are also available at Niketown and

The company unveiled 'Pro Combat' uniforms on Sept. 1 for a number teams. The Oregon State version will first be worn this Saturday at Reser Stadium.

The team's uniforms were modeled on the 1967 Giant Killers, with distinctive white and orange stripes from an undergarment, over a black jersey with orange numerals.

The jersey for sale to the public is a solid black, with only the numeral 0.

The shoes are not available at the Beaver Store but can be purchased at Nike outlets that carry the 'Pro Combat' line.

True to form for reality mirroring Nike's bad-boy branding, the 'Pro Combat' gloves for Ohio State, which form an O with the hands together, led to two unsportsmanlike penalties following touchdowns over Michigan.

Those who bleed orange face a bit of a dilemma. Buy the apparel and put money in Phil Knight's pocket. But Oregon State already has a contract with Nike, so whatever.

The shoes are $115; the jerseys $80; gloves $45; the T shirt $28 and rivalry cap $25.

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