EUGENE -- Oregon Coach Chip Kelly's mantra is 'Win the day.'

And Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and at least through late afternoon Saturday, that includes no references to the Ducks playing for the national championship.

If the Ducks beat the Beavers in their 12:30 match up at Reser Stadium, presumably, the restriction will be lifted.

How serious is Kelly?

Linebacker Casey Matthews was interviewed about the coming weekend and what might lie ahead after that game.

Matthews: Obviously there's stuff at risk for both teams, bowl eligible for them and obviously, what's at stake for us. But, we're treating it like any normal game. That's how we treat every game we've been in. We can't look past this to any other game. We can't let this one slip away.

Media: You almost said the words 'national championship.':

Matthews: I can't say that. I can't say that.

About the closest a player has come to testing Kelly has been loquacious cornerback Cliff Harris, who has referred to victorious life past the Civil War as The Natty.

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