PORTLAND,Ore. -- Mountain bike riders hoping for new trails in Forest Park will have to wait, again.

More trails are possible, but not without more study, said City Commissioner Nick Fish. Fish said if bikes were allowed on more trails without doing a wilderness impact study, lawsuits would result.

If we put the cart before the horse there would be lots of litigation, there would be a big mess and we wouldn't move the ball, Fish said. I'm committed to the long-term health of Forest Park not just today or tomorrow but for the next hundred years. I'm also committed to giving responsible off-road bicyclists the chance to be full participants in our system.

Forest Park currently includes 28 miles of unimproved roads and fire lanes open to cyclists. This year, several rogue bike trails have been discovered in the park.

Commissioner Fish said the latest hope was to start issuing new bike permits in two years. On Wednesday, several bike blogs began lighting up with complaints about the timeline.

City Hall is prepared in the meantime to build two new temporary technical skills parks for bikes in Portland -- and allow new riding opportunities at Powell Butte.

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