PORTLAND, Ore. -- A video posted on YouTube depicts Republican candidate for Governor Chris Dudley as a person who supports lowering the minimum wage, but the video was carefully edited, and Dudley says he does not want to cut the minumum wage.

Oregon's Democratic Party told KGW NewsChannel 8 that Dudley appeared to advocate lowering the minimum wage in a campaign appearance, and pointed to this excerpt: It doesn't make sense that our waitresses are getting tips plus the highest minimum wage in the country, Dudley says.

EDITED VIDEO: Dudley on minimum wage

Dudley told KGW the quote was taken out of context. No, I have not been talking about decreasing the minimum wage. At one point, I said that we should consider a training wage for younger people when you have 35 to 50 percent unemployment, but no.

The full video shows Dudley is talking about what restaurant owners say about tip wages, not his own position: I understand, and you talk to restaurants - restaurants will say, listen we've got less employees than we would otherwise because of this, and it doesn't make sense that are waitresses are getting tips plus the highest minimum wage in the country.

Oregon's minimum wage is actually the second-highest in the U.S., behind Washington State.

UNCUT VIDEO: Dudley on wages

Dudley says he does support a training wage proposal that would start young employees at a lower rate similar to a probationary period, and then increase it after 90 days.

The Democratic Party calls that lowering the minimum wage.

(This story was updated to reflect Oregon's minimum wage relative to other states.)

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