PORTLAND, Ore. - A North Portland woman is expecting something very rare spontaneous identical triplets all boys.

Janet Pittsenbarger is the expecting mom, with a pregnancy that s literally against all odds.

Spontaneous identical triplets are conceived without any fertility drugs. According to doctors, the chances of that happening are 1 in 100,000.

To protect the pregnancy, Pittsenbarger takes 19 vitamins a day. She's also on a 4000-calorie diet.

I'm feeling good overall, said Janet. But I'm starting to reach my limit.

Dr. Leonardo Pereira, the Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine at OHSU, says there has never been a set of spontaneous identical triplets at OHSU.

I've only seen this one time before in my career, said Pereira. These are the pregnancies that are very unusual.

They are so unusual both Janet and Philip needed proof at their first ultrasound.

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I don't know if I believed her right away, said Philip. But sure enough we looked on the screen and there were three little blobs there.

Since that first ultrasound five months ago Janet has put on close to 60 pounds and she is now on bed rest at the orders of doctors.

Pretty much just get up to go to the bathroom and doctors appointments, said Janet. Besides that just sit or lie down.

Pittsenbarger is seven months into her pregnancy. She s technically due in November but doctors anticipate the boys will come a lot sooner.

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