PORTLAND, Ore. -- Democratic nominee John Kitzhaber unveiled his economic plan Tuesday.

If elected governor, Kitzhaber says he will rebuild the economy by investing in people instead of spending money on problems. The former two-time governor -and emergency room doctor- compares the state's economy to a patient that needs stabilizing.

Kitzhaber wants to grow private sector jobs and increase income. He says he wants to shift spending away from prisons and foster care, for example, and into services that are more in tune with future needs, to invest in children, in families and in education. Those kinds of investments make people's lives better, said Kitzhaber.

They give them a pathway into the economy they give them a secure job. They give them a secure future.

Republican nominee Chris Dudley would emphasize slow growth in state spending, limit the need for new taxes and build up a rainy day fund

I think it's more of the same, said Dudley, describing Kitzhaber's plan.

I think it's status quo. I think it's a continuation of what we've been doing the last 20 years; a few tweaks here and there.

The election is two months away.

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