PORTLAND -- New court documents include a text message transcript where Terri Moulton-Horman clearly states the amount she's paying her attorney.


The transcript was included as part of a filing by Kaine Horman asking a judge not to delay divorce proceedings between the two.

Kaine Horman wants to protect his financial assets and argues that Terri Horman must divulge in divorce court where she's getting the money to pay her attorney.

In court documents, Terri Horman has argued that a figure of $350,000 to pay for attorney Stephen Houze was grossly innaccurate.

The transcript is a series of messages between Terri Horman and Michael Cook about 11:18 P.M. on June 30.

Cook has been accused by Kaine Horman of having a sexual relationship with Terri Horman, including 'sexting.' Cook has denied having sex but did admit to inappropriate interactions with Terri Horman.

The key exchange:

Cook: Hey on a side note, the news channels all just announced you've got Stephen Houze! That's awesome! (it's in the news so I figured I can text it)

Terri: Yep. Guess how much he costs?

Cook: Zillions?

Terri: 350K

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