OREGON CITY, Ore. -- A man who shot a Clackamas County deputy in the face seven years ago will not be released from the state hospital mental facility, a board ruled Wednesday.

In 2003, Damon Coates was trying to talk to then-teenager Nick Teixeira when Teixeira pulled a gun and shot Coates in the face. Teixeira was sentenced to 20 years in the Oregon State Hospital.

A doctor testified before a mental health panel that Texieira has a vulnerability toward mental illness. But the doctor said there have been no signs of psychosis in the last three years and that an authorized release would pose a low risk to the public.

There were to be no changes to Texieira's sentencing guidelines, the board decided, which means he will stay at the OregonState Hospital.

It's short, 20 years to 7 is a short period of time, Coates said. I'd hate to see him get out and be a danger to himself or someone else.

Coates said Teixeira refused to be examined for recent asessments, which would make it pretty hard to make a decision to release him under the best of conditions.

Coates added that release would mean transfer to a different type of facility or environment, not into the community -- which I would be opposed to. For sure ... I oppose his release.

Coates enjoys showing his 1972 Chevy Nova at car shows and charity events. His fellow officers restored it for him after he was shotand named it the purple heart.

KGWReporters Chris Murphy and Amanda Burden contributed to this report

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