PORTLAND -- KGW has learned that investigators in the Kyron Horman case have conducted several searches related to DeDe Spicher, a close friend of step-mom TerriHorman.

The searches include property belonging to Spicher's relatives. Investigators have also spoken with people who were in contact with her the day Kyron disappeared, KGW was told.

According to these sources, investigators want to know from Speicher - who spent days with Terri after Kaine moved out - what Terri may have told her about the day Kyron disappeared and whether she was in contact with Terri on that day.

Sources including people who have spoken with investigators tell KGW that DeDe Speicher was cooperating more now after an appeal from Kyron's parents that she be more forthcoming.

However, investigators believe that she has still has not told them everything she knows. Calls to Spicher's attorney were not returned.

Kyron's parent believe he's still alive

Kaine Horman and Desiree Young said they still believe the seven-year-old is alive, and asked for the public's help in bringing him home. They took questions from reporters Friday morning.

Desiree Young said she had a feeling Kyron was stashed somewhere.

Eight weeks is a hard marker to hit, she said in reference to Kyron's disappearance fromSkyline Elementary on June 4. RAW VIDEO: 8 week mark hard

My theory? That Kyron's alive and someone's holding him.We don't know how many, we don't know who, she said. We don't have any evidence to show that he's not (alive.) That's a big deal. RAW VIDEO: 'My theory? Kyron's alive'

Honestly I don t know if its rooted in the hope of the best possible scenario. I think that s probably where mine comes from.

Kaine Horman said they felt investigators were going down all the right avenues, despite no suspects or persons of interest having yet been named.

But attention has focused on Kyron's step-mom, Terri Moulton-Horman. She was the last person to report seeing Kyron after dropping him off. Detectives had not interviewed her since she retained high profile criminal defense attorney Stephen Houze in July.

If an arrest happens, they're going to have their ducks in a row, Desiree said in regards to the investigation.

The couple pleaded with anyone who knows Terri, her friends or Kyron to come forward.

If you have any information, even if it's insignificant, please bring it forward, Kaine said.

In court documents, the boy's father Kaine Horman stated police had provided him with probable cause to believe that Terri was involved in Kyron's disappearance, plotted to have Kaine killed, and was having a sexual affair.

Kaine said he pleaded with Terri daily to give investigators any information that could help before taking out a restraining order.

Surprisingly cold, was her reaction, Desiree said. The two said they believed there was no question as to Terri being involved.

Desiree told People Magazine this week she thinks someone is holding him alive. Desiree and Kaine Horman made several appearances this past week from the sheriff's news conference to a Dateline NBC special.

READ:Family statement (PDF)

VIDEO:Kyron's mom makes tearful plea

Kaine said he was not aware Terrie had any links to people involved in any possible criminal activity.

The reward for information that leads to missing Portland seven-year-old KyronHorman was doubled Tuesday from $25,000 to $50,000 by an anonymous donor.

Multnomah County Chief Deputy Tim Moore and Captain Monte Reiser appeared with Desiree, father Kaine and step-fatherTony Young and delivered prepared statementsTuesday. No questions from reporters were allowed.

DETAILS:Read police transcript

We believe that Kyron s disappearance involves criminal behavior because we have (the) parents that have been deprived of their son for 53 days, Moore said.

Investigators said they'd made significant progress in the investigation, and reaffirmed their belief that Kyron's disappearance involved criminal behavior. Investigators said 11,000 man-hours had already been put into the case and 3,500 tips had been received since the boy disappeared, in what has become the largest search effort in Oregon's history.

Speaking for the family, Desiree Young said they remained confident in law enforcements' efforts to bring Kyron home and to bring to justice to whomever was involved in his disappearance.

The two said since there was such a large gap in time before anyone knew he was missing, he could be anywhere in the world, and that's why they are continuing to talk to national media.

Every stone that needs to be unturned, I don't care what state it's in, we've got to look, he said.

We love you Kyron, never give up hope, a choked up Desiree Young said from the Multnomah CountySheriff's office at a briefing onTuesday. We are all coming to get you to bring you home.

At Tuesday's press conference, Moore reiterated that authorities believe Kyron's disappearance involved criminal behavior, and that they were not aware of any similar case in the Northwest.

Last week, police searched the homes of three friends of Terri's to look for evidence. One of those friends was identified by Kyron's parents as DeDe Spicher. Reliable sources said police think Spicher has information about Terri's whereabouts on the day Kyron disappeared. More: Who is DeDe Spicher?

A statement from Kaine and Kyron's mother Desiree Young also said Spicher is not cooperating with the investigation, but she appeared before a grand jury after a subpoena Monday and her attorney said she would continue to cooperate. More: Spicher appears before grand jury

Earlier this month Kaine had Terri evicted from the family's NW Portland home and he returned to the home with Kiara.

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