PORTLAND-- The step-mother of missing seven-year-old Kyron Horman has hired one of Oregon's most well-known criminal defense attorneys, legal sources told KGW.

TerriHorman has hired attorney Stephen Houze, according to those sources.

Houze was seen leaving the Horman's Northwest Portland home Wednesday evening in a car registered to a private investigation firm.

Houze, often referred to as the top criminal defense attorney in the state, has also taken on many high-profile cases including former Trail Blazer Damon Stoudamire and Dr. Jayant Patel, dubbed Dr. Death by Austrailian media.

The well-known attorney has made a reputation for himself by defending high profile and controversial clients.

It was unknown how or if Horman was paying for Houze's representation.

KGW could not reach Houze for comment Wednesday evening but he reportedly confirmed to the Oregonian that he was hired by Horman.

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