HILLSBORO, Ore. -- The extra scrutiny on Terri Horman was taking an emotional toll, according to a close friend.

I want people to know that she's a good person she's a devoted mother, said Jaymie Finster. She's been in Kyron's life since he was three-days old.

Finster has been a close friend of Horman's since the two attended junior high school together in Roseburg.

She said the quality of attention Terri was getting from the disappearance of her stepson, Kyron, was unfair and damaging.

I think a lot of people just want to go with the information that we don't have and try to make something of it and that's very hurtful and hard for me to see happening, she said.

With Horman's blessing, Finster was telling the public how emotionally harmful the Internet remarks have been; such as the person who commented, It seems like a slam dunk that the stepmother is ... guilty.

Some comments online included the speculation that Horman was suffering from a postpartum breakdown.

I would really like to see the Internet blogging be decreased, said Finster. She added that there was much yet to learn in the investigation and to imply that a second lie-detector test on Horman was a sign of guilt was unfair to a woman who played such an important role raising Kyron.

Finster said she hopes the public won't overreact in its need for answers in this case.

Just to take some little bits of information and then fly with it is really hurtful and, you know, it's been really hard for her to see that happening, Finster said.

Finster said she had not spoken with Horman on Sunday and she did not know how the second polygraph test went for her.

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