CORVALLIS -- Police are investigating a report of a Tuesday morning sexual assault in an Oregon State University dorm.

A man entered the dorm room of a woman about 4 a.m. and attacked her, according to Oregon State Police.

The woman, 20, lived alone in the dorm room.

She was held captive for about 30 minutes during the attack. The suspect was a stranger. The woman thought she had locked her dorm door and it's unclear how he entered the room.

He was described as a white man, about 6 foot 3 with a heavy build and short, spiky hair wearing blue jeans and a dark t-shirt.

School officials notified students and faculty of the attack Thursday via a campuswide email.

Student ID cards are required to activate door locks in the dorm, prompting one student to suggest it created a sense of safety. A second student said it was easy to beat the system by simply walking in behind someone with a card.

The Newschannel 8's Scott Burton was able to do that easily Thursday evening, walking into a dorm while recording it on a cellphone video camera.

Anyone with information is asked to call OSP Lieutenant Jeff Lanz of the Oregon State University Area Command office at 541-737-3010.

A Newschannel 8 special report on campus sexual assaults last February revealed that Oregon State had 16 in one year, double from the previous year.

The University of Oregon went from just three reported forcible sex offenses in the 07-08 school year, to eight last school year.

The spikes were actually viewed as a plus.

I would not say it's a bad thing, said OSU Public Safety Director Jack Rogers said back then. In fact, I would call it a success story.

Linda Anderson, a psychologist at Oregon State said then her school recognized under reporting is a huge problem so we've initiated many efforts to really look at that and understand what can we do to better help survivors.

Security experts at Oregon State University and the University of Oregon said the fact that the number of reported sex assaults are up does not disturb them.

They said it means they ve done a much better job of getting the word out that students can feel comfortable in reporting those terrible crimes.

Oregon State Police suggest that students take the following precautions:

* Keep room doors locked at all times.

* Do not prop outside doors open.

* Do not let strangers into residence halls.

* Call police is you something suspicious.

* Avoid headphones when walking on campus.

* Carry a cell phone in remote areas.

* Walk in well-lit corridors of campus.

* Do not walk or jog alone.

* Blue Light Phones connecting directly to police can be found at many locations across campus.

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