PORTLAND, Ore. -- Many celebrate St. Patrick's Day with green beer, but in Portland, we're not talking the food colored or dyed kind. We re talking about the organic kind.

Green is no doubt the theme at Hopworks Urban Brewery in southeast Portland. The brewpub calls itself an eco brewpub.

That s because not only does it serve all certified organic beer. It also uses all renewable energy, runs its kettles on biodiesal fuel, and even sits its customers on furniture made from recycled wood.

We're really the first brew pub to incorporate all aspects of sustainability in our operation, said Christian Ettinger, brewmaster and owner of Hopworks.

But Hopworks Urban Brewery is not alone. It joins other green breweries like Lauralwood, which back in 2002 became Portland's first ever organic brewery, as well as Root's Brewing Company which was the first brewpub in the city to serve all organic beer.

Thinking green on St. Patty s day has taken on a whole new meaning, said Craig Nicholls, Root s owner.

That's because, while you'll find plenty of organic green beer at these pubs, you won't find any green colored beer on this or any St. Patrick s Day.

For us green beer isn't putting green dye in it, said Chad Kennedy, brewmaster at Lauralwood Brewing Company.

The only green coloring you'll find in these pubs is the kind worn by the patrons. Because these brewers say they're kind of green is the natural kind served all 365 days of the year.

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