PORTLAND, Ore -- Police accountability would grow more substantive under a new proposal circulating at Portland City Hall.

Proposed rule changes would give the office in charge of police oversight more authority, and would change how officers are held accountable.

City Auditor LaVonne Griffin-Valade, co-sponsor of the reform legislation with Commissioner Randy Leonard, said that the current rules allow the Police Bureau chief to dictate how officers are monitored.

Instead, Griffin-Valade wants City Council to grant her subpoena and investigative power over the Bureau.

I need to take my independence and press for change and not back down, she said.

Commissioner Nick Fish said he supports changes to police oversight, particularly after community response to the recent controversial shooting of Aaron Campbell. However, Fish also cautions that police reform legislation deserves a thorough discussion and may benefit from a slower pace.

I think the council taking a few more weeks to get it right is really important, said Fish.

Fish also wants Portland Police Chief Rosie Sizer present for any reform votes. Sizer is currently on vacation.

Griffin-Valade and Leonard's staffs said they saw no need to delay changes they consider long overdue.

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